An Ocarina of Time PC fan port runs at 60 fps

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is undeniably one of the most important games ever made. It revolutionized so many aspects of open world design and gameplay. However, the game is now over 24 years old and (ahem) the weather hasn’t been so kind to it. From muddy textures and clunky controls to lackluster performance, there are plenty of issues when it comes to playing the game in 2022. Thanks to the recently released Ocarina of time PC Fan Port however, many of these issues are finally fixed – and the game will finally run at 60fps.

While it might be a while before we see any drastic changes to the game, we’re already seeing some cool stuff. Most impressive so far comes new footage from an experimental mode, which allows the game to run at 60fps. You can find out in the video at Ocarina of time modder, Zel. This may come as a surprise to hear if you’re used to the game’s usual 20 fps.

It’s true, at the time, Ocarina of time only ran at 20 frames per second. The last 3DS port took it to 30, but now we have it even better.

Seeing Ocarina of time running at 60 fps is weird

Seeing it for the first time can be quite shocking. After all, most of us have been gaming at 20fps for over two decades. However, it is also very nice to see Ocarina of time finally free yourself from its performance issues with this 60 fps mode found in the unofficial PC port. You can tell from the pictures that it looks much more responsive and flows much better too.

It should be noted that this 60 fps mode is not available on the Ocarina of time Harkinian PC fan port ship. Instead, this footage was recorded with the PC Open Ocarina port. However, it’s likely that the Ship of Harkinian port will also get a 60fps mode, along with several other additions. In the future, we might see more awesome features coming to port. Currently, there are many plans for what could be added. And hopefully we’re starting to see modders and fans taking Ocarina of time to many new places.

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