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Now we are over in 2009 and looking back on a year of major borrowing uncertainty, fears and financial crises on everyone’s lips. But can we breathe a sigh of relief with the new year, or should we prepare for a year of assets sewn into the mattress? Criticism at

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The major events of the year must surely be the banking crisis, falling house prices and interest rates increasing. Fears of total chaos in the economy were strong, but rescue operations have averted the disaster.

No one can predict the future, but little evidence that quietly wants a happy new year! 


In 2009, however, the overall position that the housing market will continue to decline. However, we are likely to see a big difference in the size of the price falls. The more expensive homes are likely to fall more than homes where all income levels can contribute. Although the house has fallen steadily in recent years, there are still areas where the price of housing is far from equal to income. This is especially true for Denmark, Norway and Sweden, that the price is still too high.

You can also read Carsten O five’s predictions in times of crisis here

Although the prospect of falling house prices across the country, the new owners have not been able to enjoy lower prices. The reason for this is that interest rates have increased, making housing financing more expensive and thus compensating for the fall in prices. In 2009, however, it is estimated that the economy is stabilized and interest rates fall. We are again normalizing in money markets and the European Central Bank is reducing interest rates, after which DNB will follow suit.

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