Escape Kokiri Forest Early & 9 Other Problems In Ocarina Of Time You Need To Know

Players have discovered a wide variety of issues in Zelda: Ocarina of Time over the years. Ocarina of timeGlitches are funny, cool, and often good for gameplay. These range from sequence breakers to bugs that enhance weapons and boost Link’s powers. There is also a good dose of humor in some of them. Be prepared for a few Cucco manipulations along the way.

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It is important to note that some of these tricks are easy, while others are more complex, but anyone is able to perform them. It’s just a matter of timing and patience.

Escape Kokiri Forest Early: Navi Dive

Zelda OOT Navi Dive Glitch

There are several ways to get out of Kokiri Forest early, but this one is one of the easiest. This problem uses something called Navi Dive. First, make sure Link already has the Deku Shield and Kokiri Sword. Then head to the Lost Woods. Find the pond of water that leads to Zora’s domain and notice Navi trying to get Link’s attention.

Don’t talk to Navi yet. Instead, stand in the far right corner of the pond and run forward until Link automatically jumps onto the concrete platform. It’s best to land in the middle, so try to land there before continuing. Then just do a forward slash while pressing “B” and quickly press “UP C” to talk to Navi while you perform a forward slash. Link sinks to the bottom of the pond and can now swim to Zora’s domain.

The Glitch of the Infinite Sword

Infinite Sword Glitch in Zelda Ocarina of Time

While the sword ray turned out to be a total stroke of luck, it is actually possible to use the sword that never stops …? This problem is practical in many situations, and it is not too difficult to achieve. Approach an object that Link can interact with. Make a crouch shot by pressing “R” and pressing “B” to depress the sword while crouching. Then quickly press “A” in the middle of a jab to initiate dialogue.

When done correctly, the game will lag and Link’s sword will look weird and supple. Now the sword will damage anything it touches. It works with most intractable objects, including enemies, so pick one that’s nearby or easy to access.

Enter the Temple of Shadow early

Enter the Temple of Shadow at the start of OOT

This one sounds simple, but it can be tedious. Go to Kakariko’s cemetery and take the magic platform to the crate with the piece of heart. If you haven’t planted the bean seed, use the hook to get there. Players need to make sure they have a decent amount of Bombchus. It can take some time.

Climb onto the crate and use Bombchus to reach the top ledge. To do this, deploy a Bombchu and then instantly jump out of the crate. Eventually, Link will be thrown onto the ledge. Then continue walking around the ledge to the temple. This area is not designed to be accessible so it takes patience to walk through. Eventually, Link will arrive at the entrance to the Temple of Shadow.

Skip the force field inside Ganon Castle

Link breaking the seal early at Gannons Castle

For those who want to move on to the main battle of Ganon, this glitch is ideal. After entering the Spirit Room, there is an Armos on the right. Pull him back until Link can fit behind him without being hit by the sliding blade traps.

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Keep pushing the Armos forward until it is leaning against the wall. Approach the right side of the Armos and take two steps back. If done correctly, it will now be partially on the mat. Face Link between the Armos and the Gate. Target Z, then jump into the wall. This will shoot Link in the dark. Try to walk until Link can face himself between the red and purple lights, and walk forward to jump the seal and enter the blocked area.

Get the Silver Gauntlets early

Zelda: Ocarina of Time Silver Gauntlets Early Glitch

Pick up the Cucco in the Gerudo Valley and land on the small pole near the end of the bridge. Then, hover towards the door and jump reaching it to climb on it. Inside the fortress, simply use the Z targeting mechanism and walk back to avoid being spotted. It’s one of those naive “if I can’t see them, they can’t see me” agreements.

Now go up the ladder to the haunted desert. Once at the top, side jump to the left, from the top where the ladder ends. Link will land on a small ledge. Follow it down, then jump to the side to the right to go through the door and enter the haunted desert. Traverse the Wasteland using target L’s backswing to avoid sinking into quicksand. Upon arriving at the Temple of the Spirits, instantly enter and exit to learn the Requiem of the Spirit. Then go forward and get the gauntlets.

Get the golden ladder early

Obtain the golden ladder as an OOT child

This one is pretty straightforward. Enter the fishing pond as a child link. Catch a record fish of at least 10 pounds or more. Don’t instantly speak to the owner. Instead, swim to the middle of the pond. Hold the target button, which can differ depending on the console, and swim to the fisherman, then talk to him, without letting go of the targeting button.

It won’t work if Navi highlights a fish location while players are targeting. It’s a weird bug, but it’s still effective.

Use the prism of truth without consuming magic

Lens of Truth and Song of Storms Glitch

The use of the lens of truth is great, minus the fact that it’s a magic sucker. This simple trick will keep Link’s magic bar full as he continues his search for the truth. Simply play Song of Storms, then instantly use the Lens of Truth. When done correctly, the objective of truth will work but the magic bar will not decrease.

After disabling the truth lens, the problem will stop. Just redo the glitch to continue saving the magic.

How to use the main sword as a child link in OOT

It is possible to get the Master Sword as Child Link, but it requires perfect timing. Players will need to trigger the Odd Potion part of the Trading Side Quest. Then go to the Temple of Time and stand in front of the Pedestal of Time. As soon as the timer reaches zero, press “A” to flip the master sword.

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When done correctly, Child Link will be able to use the main sword. This one is simple minus the timing, but it’s well worth it.

Get to the bottom of the well early

Zelda OOT - Bottom of the Well Problem

Zelda fans all know about Cucco’s revenge. It’s morally controversial, but in this problem it’s actually useful. To get to the bottom of the well earlier, attack a cuckoo twice, then place it on the edge of the well. The Cucco should be in the corner next to the ladder as shown above.

Now cut the Cucco for the third time. The cutscene will trigger and Link will fall to the bottom of the well as the Cucco Gang prepares to attack him. Similar to the issue of exiting Kokiri Forest, Link can simply swim to the entrance.

For fun: keep Navi stuck in the temple of time

Getting Navi stuck on the Quirk

For those who take the Hate Navi train, this problem is quite rewarding. Go to the Temple of Time and stand next to the altar with the three Spiritual Stones. Take out the Ocarina of Time and play Saria’s song. Once the dialogue is over, Navi will be stuck on the altar. All those cheerful interjections of “hey, listen” are just a distant memory. For those who are starting to miss the loyal fairy, simply reset the game or exit the temple to bring her back.

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