Every Element You Can Miss In The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time it is possible to permanently miss items due to the game’s progression design. The game features moments that, once caught by the player, mean there is no going back. Some items and upgrades cannot be obtained after completing certain parts of the game, such as obtaining the Master Sword.

This is a common feature in games, where progression means returning to certain areas can be blocked. These can be different areas of a level or a change in the state of the world map. For example, some of Ring of EldenEssential items from can be missed and permanently untraceable. Sometimes missed items can be recovered by restarting a level, but in some cases the only way to recover them is to restart the entire game, especially in older games with limited save slots.


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Ocarina of time mostly avoids missing objects, with the ability to move back and forth in time allowing the player to explore at their leisure. However, some items can be lost if not collected at the correct time or in the correct order. Most notably, the Deku Nut upgrade may be unobtainable due to a glitch, making it the most important missing item. As an old game, it’s not Ocarina of timeis the only faulty item. Others, like the dungeon map in the belly of Jabu-Jabu, are simply a matter of timing, so there are certain times to watch out for.

Missing Items Aren’t Groundbreaking in Ocarina Of Time

The only upgrade that can be missed is the Deku Nut upgrade, obtained from a Deku Scrub in Kokiri Forest when the player talks to it while wearing the Mask of Truth. This increases the carrying capacity of Deku Nuts from 30 to 40. However, if the player has already obtained the Poacher’s Saw as an adult bond before obtaining the buff, the Deku Scrub no longer provides it. It is one of Ocarina of time items that only Adult Link can use. Both items are collected from the same location on the map in the two different time periods. It appears that collecting the Poacher’s Saw gives the same cue to the game as collecting the Deku Nut upgrade, suggesting that the player has already collected it.

The other missing items aren’t as important as the Deku Nut upgrade. The dungeon map in Jabu-Jabu’s belly is behind a locked door that opens by placing Ruto on a switch. However, if the dungeon is completed without the map, the player cannot go back as Ruto no longer appears in the dungeon. Obtaining Biggoron’s Sword means the player cannot purchase the Giant’s Knife from Medigoron, essentially an item that is Ocarina of timebiggest scam. Since Biggoron’s sword is the same but better, there’s no reason to buy the giant’s knife anyway. The worst item to miss would be the Piece of Heart that Dampé unearths during his Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour. If the player does not collect the item at that time, it is permanently lost.

Fortunately, due to the open-ended nature of the game, Ocarina of time doesn’t have many items that can’t be obtained. The least important of these is a Red Rupee found by shooting a Deku Seed into a window in the castle courtyard, which cannot be entered after finding the three Spirit Stones. Besides this and the Giant’s Knife, which are intentionally missable, all of these issues have been addressed in the 3DS remake of Ocarina of time.

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