Every Mask in Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask Compared

The Legend of Zelda frequently tells a familiar story involving the fate of Hyrule Kingdom. Ocarina of time delineates perhaps the archetypal version of Hyrule’s cycle fate, but its direct sequel, Majora’s Masktakes a radically different approach, with an apocalyptic tale set in a neighboring kingdom known as Termina. Majora’s Mask is well known for reusing many Ocarina of Time’s characters, and five of Zelda The sequel’s masks, which play a major role in its gameplay and plot, also first appeared in Ocarina.


Masks are a relatively minor part of Ocarina of time, used only for a side quest. As a child, Link can visit the Happy Mask Shop in Castle Town Market. There, the happy mask salesman drags him into a race covering Hyrule to deliver masks to the right customers. Link takes one mask at a time, finds the right customer to buy it from, and returns to repeat the process with another mask. This is one of two trading sequences in Ocarina of timea quest structure that the series uses quite frequently.

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As its title suggests, the mask plays a much more important role in Majora’s Mask. There are many more of them than in its predecessor, and they serve as both core gameplay mechanics and keys to secondary content, providing a variety of special abilities. The Happy Mask Salesman reappears in Majora’s Mask and is even involved in the story’s triggering incident, when the titular Majora’s mask is stolen from him by Skull Kid. The number of masks in Ocarina of time is relatively small, and they have very different uses in each game.

Keaton Mask: Ocarina Of Time Vs. Majora’s Mask

The Keaton mask is the first element of Ocarina of timeThe Mask Swap Quest. Although this is an entirely optional questline, the potential client – a guard at the gate of Hyrule’s Death Mountain – requests the mask from Link during the main story. During his quest to secure the three Spirit Stones, Link receives a letter from Princess Zelda that grants him access to Death Mountain Trail, and the guard he shows it to requests the Keaton Mask for his son. Wearing it grants Link no special attributes except for getting unique reactions when talking to NPCs.

In Majora’s MaskLink receives the Keaton mask as a reward for delivering a letter to Kafei during The Legend of Zeldathe longest quest. While wearing the mask, Link can cut down any ring of bushes to summon a Keaton – a four-tailed yellow fox. However, they need to be cut in quick succession, so it’s recommended players use a magic-enhanced spin attack to get every bush in one go. The Keaton will then engage Link in a game of questions, and answering five correctly will reward a Piece of Heart.

Bunny Hood: Ocarina Of Time Vs. Majora’s Mask

Ocarina of time‘s Bunny Hood is the fourth item in the Happy Mask Shop trade quest, after the Keaton, Skull, and Spooky masks. The Bunny Hood’s buyer is the Running Man, who does tricks around Hyrule Field. Link just has to wear the Bunny Hood near him and he’ll come buy it, paying the amount needed to fill Link’s wallet. For this reason, the Bunny Hood is particularly useful for filling the 500 rupees of wallet space rewarded by Ocarina of timeGold Skulltula quest. It’s also a good idea to keep the Bunny Hood on for a while, as wearing it prevents the Stalchildren – the skeletons that attack Link at night in Hyrule Field – from spawning.

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Enter the Bunny Hood Majora’s Mask first requires the Mask of Bremen, which Link can then wear to the Romani Ranch to persuade the Cuccos of Grog to march behind him. Once Link has all the Cuccos in a row, they grow in size and Grog gives Link the Bunny Hood. This mask is very useful in time sensitive Majora’s Mask, as it increases Link’s running speed. Players can also use it during the postman-hosted mini-game (a renamed version of Ocarina‘s Running Man with a Hat). It gives Link a Piece of Heart if players can run for exactly 10 seconds before stopping, and using the Bunny Hood during gameplay displays a timer, making it much easier.

Goron Mask: Ocarina Of Time Vs. Majora’s Mask

The Goron Mask is one of the final rewards for Ocarina of timeThe Mask Exchange quest, rewarded after selling the Bunny Hood to the Running Man. The Goron Mask has no particular use, but it will elicit unique lines of dialogue from a wide range of characters across Hyrule, and even manages to bring some joy to the notoriously austere Ingo of the Lon Lon Ranch. A frequent reaction to the Goron Mask is characters commenting on the size of Link’s head.

The Majora’s Mask version of the Goron Mask is much more powerful. Link obtains it after speaking with the ghost of Darmani III, which can be found in the Goron Village with the help of the Lens of Truth. After Link follows Darmani to his grave and plays the healing song, the Goron Mask will let him transform into Link Goron, granting him access to abilities like a ground attack and being able to trigger particularly large weight changes . Goron Link can also cower and roll at high speed, a mechanic that makes a compelling case for a Goron-centric. Zelda Game.

Zora Mask: Ocarina Of Time Vs. Majora’s Mask

Both versions of the Zora Mask are similar to the Goron Mask. Ocarina of timeZora’s mask is also a reward for completing the Happy Mask Shop quest. It has no function except to see unique NPC reactions, with some being more interested in seeing a Zora than others. The most colorful reaction comes from Princess Ruto, in love with Link, who says: “OK! In fact, you have decided to become a Zora! Are you really ready to marry me now?

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In Majora’s Mask‘s Great Bay, players can find a badly injured Zora named Mikau floating in the water. Helping Mikau disembark, listening to his story, and then playing the healing song as he dies will award the Zora mask. Like the Goron Mask, the Majora’s Mask Zora Mask transforms Link into Zora Link, granting the player special abilities. Most useful is being able to swim very quickly underwater, but the Zora Mask also comes with new attacks and an electric defensive barrier.

Mask of Truth: Ocarina Of Time Vs. Majora’s Mask

The Mask of Truth bears the symbol of The Legend of Zelda‘s Sheikah Tribe, and while it’s also a reward for completing the trade quest in Ocarina of time, it is more useful than the Goron and Zora Masks. Wearing the Mask of Truth in the underground, hidden area of ​​the Lost Woods irritates the crowd of Deku Scrubs, but they will reward Link with the ability to carry more Deku Nuts. Speaking to any of the Gossip Stones scattered around Hyrule while wearing the Mask of Truth also reveals anecdotes about the kingdom and its people.

Obtain the Mask of Truth by Majora’s Mask asks players to destroy all Golden Skulltulas in the Swamp Spider House. This version also allows players to speak with the Gossip Stones, but they now give hints on how to acquire the many other masks in Majora’s Mask, as well as spreading their usual Termina gossip. This version of the Mask of Truth also allows The Legend of Zelda players see the thoughts of animals in the game, which is useful in other side quests and to find out what they think of the people of Termina.

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