Fan-made Ocarina of Time PC port nears completion

Released on Nintendo 64 in 1998, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the most iconic games in the series. A GitHub organization that calls itself the Zelda Reverse Engineering Team is making good progress in creating a PC port for this classic title.

As explained in the project readme file, this working project in progress is a decompilation of Ocarina of time, the end goal being to “recreate a source code base for the game from scratch, using information found in the game as well as static and / or dynamic analysis”. Simply put, this means that if you have the assets of a ROM of Ocarina of time, you can run it natively, which effectively means the team is reworking the code to make the game run naturally on the PC. So far the only version currently supported by the project is a debug version of Master’s quest (a more difficult version of the original game), but the team plans to expand support for other versions.

However, companies are not always fans of their fans who dig into their game code. Earlier this year, Take-Two took on a team of modders who reverse-engineered the code to GTA 3 and City of vice. They also issued cease and desist orders against modding tools for GTA 5. Meanwhile, Nintendo is well known for having a downright hostile attitude towards fan projects, mods, and ports (the Super Mario PC port was very similar to this one). Time will tell if this Ocarina of time fan project draws Nintendo’s ire and is forcibly dismantled.

You can find the Ocarina of time project here, and you can see some of the other projects that the Zelda reverse engineering team is working on. here. The group also an official website and a Discord that you can visit if you want to contribute to their projects.

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