Fanmade Zelda Ocarina of Time (made for PC) gameplay video revealed!

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is undoubtedly one of the most universally loved video games of all time. Well, except maybe the Water Temple level which is perhaps one of the most universally hated parts of the title. – Although this has seen a number of subsequent re-releases over the years, there has certainly been nothing ‘official’ outside of Nintendo-based systems. This has therefore mostly seen the game revisited through the use of PC emulation. Programs that are actually designed to decode the original N64 game data into a format that can be understood on more modern (and very different) PC hardware.

What if I told you that you might in the very near future be able to play a fully fledged and complete version of the game that has been natively created for PC? – Well, thanks to the hard work of the ‘Zelda 64 Reverse Engineering’ team, it looks like today has reached a milestone!

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Zelda Ocarina of Time – Reverse-engineered for a native PC experience!

The images you can view in the video below have not was taken from an emulated N64 version of Zelda Ocarina of Time. It is a full-fledged self-executing project that has been painstakingly reverse-engineered from the original data. In other words, this is not an emulation, it is, for all intents and purposes, a fan-made port specifically designed to run natively on PC.

Although the project has been in the works for almost 3 years now, based on the video (and feedback from the team), it looks like things are coming. very close to completion. And that even includes widescreen support and potentially a full 60 FPS experience.

FPS – A Huge Obstacle

One of the biggest issues the team faced with the PC port was the unusual way Zelda Ocarina of Time used its frame rate. Many of Link’s moves, attacks, and even enemy interactions were, somewhat oddly, directly related to this. In a poor but simple way of explaining this, Link cutting the grass with his sword (in the original N64 version) isn’t all about collision detection. Think of it more in terms that the cut animation requires 20 frames, and if nothing interacts with it in those 20 frames, the object does not register any damage. This, by the way, is why the Infinite Sword Glitch (ISG) in N64 sprints is so surprisingly under control. The sword (or the wooden staff in most cases) seeks to register a hit on each frame.

I let the team give you its description to help you understand:

“The n64 version actually runs at three frame rates, 60 fps for the pause screen, 30 fps for the title screen, and 20 fps for the overworld. Through decomposition, we figured out what controls the game speed, so in theory 60 fps is already possible.

The problem really is that the NPC routines and some of the link move sets (sword swipe, hook, backflips, front flips) all calculate their distance based on frame rate. So at 60 fps the link simply triples its jump distance, hook distance, etc.

60fps will then be realistic once these functions are properly documented and a nice workaround is found to counter these results.

With that in mind, therefore, with so many mechanics tied to specific frame rate rules (which vary wildly depending on the area and type of interaction), just slapping the PC version to 60FPS would make it indeed, although not completely unplayable, extremely inconsistent. – With this hurdle seemingly on the verge of being completely resolved, however, good things can certainly be on the way. Well, assuming they can continue to remain somewhat anonymous to Nintendo’s attorneys!

If you want to know more about the project, however, you can check out “someone’s” YouTube channel via the link here!

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