How to Know if Your Credit Card was Cloned? Find Out! ?

Until 2016, claims for credit card cloning, considered bank fraud , coupled with identity theft and cyber scams reported an annual increase of 45% from 2015 to 2016 alone, according to Condusef figures. Since the fact is very common, here we help you answer the question How do you know if your credit card was cloned?


What does it mean that they cloned a TDC?

clone credit card

The cloning of the credit card is a practice considered fraudulent, which consists of copying the original information of the card and then performing one of these two options:

  • Charges and purchases
  • Cash withdrawals

This type of fraud has become extremely popular in our country, so it is extremely important to know how to identify it and / or reverse the damage.


How to clone credit cards?

clone credit cards?

There are different methods with which it is customary to clone credit cards, the most common is through ATMs or in the same terminals of some bars, restaurants, department stores, shopping centers, hotels and resorts according to the Condusef reports.


How to know if your credit card was cloned? Easy! ?

credit card

Unfortunately it is impossible to notice that your card has been cloned until it is used by someone other than you.

  • People usually realize this situation by noticing a mismatch in their accounts
  • When they receive a statement with movements that they don’t remember doing
  • In the best case they find out when the banks’ app reports that they have tried to make a move or that they just made

For this reason it is very important:

  • Know what are our main movements in the credit card. If there are direct debits, you must know how often they are made and the exact amounts for which the payment is made.
  • Try not to domicile charges with differentiated amounts
  • Make a budget on a monthly basis to know what your expenses are through this means of payment and detect those that leave the routine


How to avoid cloning your credit card?

credit card skim

It may sound incredible but, just as it is easy to be a victim of such a fraud on your credit cards, it is also very easy to avoid them. For this we leave you these simple points that you must put into practice:

  • In case your bank provides you with an app to make your transfers, take advantage of it and channel all your movements by this means
  • Try to make withdrawals without a card
  • Wherever you go to pay with your plastic, make sure they don’t take it, always prefer to have the terminal in sight
  • Opt for credit cards with code authentication or verification by SMS or any other type of bank alert

Avoid fraud at all costs. It is not enough to ask ourselves, how do you know if your credit card was cloned? The idea is, once we know what can happen, try to avoid it at any rate.

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