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Marino Group Marine Repair Services-Container Maintenance Corporation continues to grow


The Marino Group’s Marine Repair Services-Container Maintenance Corporation (MRS-CMC) announced today that it has expanded its footprint in the Southeast region with the opening of two new depot locations, including a 30 acres in Charlotte, NC, and a 12-acre facility in Greer, SC. This expansion reflects the commitment of the Marino family group to provide unparalleled services and solutions to its customers.

“The Marino Group is celebrating its 50th anniversary and we are not showing any signs of slowing down,” said Michael Wojnowski, MRS-CMC Director, Carolinas Operations. “As part of the Marino Group family, MRS-CMC continues to aggressively seek growth opportunities that extend our reach and allow us to better serve our customers, ensuring the safety of equipment and the movement of cargo. “

With now 12 depot locations in the Southeast and Gulf, MRS-CMC continues to strengthen its leadership position in these regions. In addition to the new facilities in Charlotte and Greer, MRS-CMC has depots in the following markets: Atlanta, GA; Baltimore, MD; Charleston, South Carolina; Crandall, Georgia; Dallas, Texas; Dillon, South Carolina, Jacksonville, Florida; Memphis, TN; Norfolk, Virginia and Savannah, Georgia.

To meet the growing and evolving needs of its customers, MRS-CMC’s Charlotte depot will offer maintenance and repair services, mobile repairs, refrigeration services, intermodal equipment sales and warehousing. Launched with storage services to meet an all-weather high storage demand, Greer’s new depot complements an existing MRS-CMC facility in the market, located at SCPA Inland Terminal Greer, which offers M&R ​​and mobile repair.

“We are committed to investing in top-notch facilities, equipment and a team of professionals to provide peace of mind to our customers, who rely on us to provide solutions to their supply chain challenges, which currently focus mainly on M&R and storage, ”Mr. Wojnowski said.


Marine Repair Services-Container Maintenance Corporation (MRS-CMC) offers a range of customer programs, including depot services, equipment sales, trucking services, refrigerated services, as well as maintenance and repair services. with the largest M&R footprint in the country. MRS-CMC is heavily invested in the maritime and rail sectors with operations in both types. With a focus on family values, safety and customer service, MRS-CMC currently has depots in 12 cities in the Southeast and Gulf regions and over 40 M&R sites in the Northeast regions. east, southeast, south and gulf.

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