Nintendo Switch Online patch fixes Zelda: Ocarina of Time fog

And added Majora’s Mask

You wanted your Ocarina of time return of fog? Well, you got it! And the full version of Majora’s Mask too. Nintendo updated Switch Online last night and ironed out a few rough edges.

Thanks to some sleuthing folks on Twitter (including Ferchou_27 below), it looks like the fog isn’t just back in Ocarina of time at various places, but back to Choco Mountain in Mario Kart 64: which had glitch fog effects with the launch of the NSO expansion pack. Players also report that the lighting in Ocarina of time is set in Skulltula’s house, among other locations, so it looks like a full-bodied patch rather than a quick touch-up.

If you remember, Nintendo slowly patched Ocarina of time on the Switch to bring it back in line with previous iterations of the game. The first big fix was to the Water Temple water, and now we’re back to the Ocarina of time fog fix.

The mass service patch even goes beyond that. A user reports that Watt’s crash in paper mario has been corrected, too. While it’s not all settled yet, it’s a good day for people looking to play N64 games on Switch (minus the prospect of the expansion pack’s potential value as a whole).

Chris Carter

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