Ocarina Of Time All World Record Percentage Is Now 6:53 Minutes

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has once again broken its Any Percent world record – 23 years after its release. A player’s fast time until the end of the game is now just six minutes 53 seconds and 950 milliseconds, 33 milliseconds less than the previous record.

The record might not last long, as the one he broke was only set earlier today, and the previous one just a week ago. As you can see from the video, this is a highly optimized runtime where every millisecond counts. Ocarina of Time has been a popular speedrunning title for years, so all tricks and jumps must be executed perfectly to break the record.

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As the ridiculously short time shows, the Any Percent category does not involve playing the game normally at all. In the blink of an eye and you’ll miss it, the PaintSkate8 speedrunner warps from Kokiri Forest…to the final cutscene with adult Zelda.

What makes this race possible is a problem known as “Wrong Warping”. As the name suggests, this is where you leave an area and end up in an area that the developers hadn’t intended. The simple explanation for this incredibly complex bug is that players can perform certain actions that influence the values ​​in the game’s memory, which then changes where the game places you when exiting a location. In the case of this race, the runners found a way to go from the very beginning of the game until the end.

If you’re in the market for a slightly longer run, there’s a No Wrong Wrap category. The record for that currently stands at 20 minutes 53 seconds.

Surprisingly, that wasn’t even the only Ocarina of Time speedrunning information we received this week. Just a few days ago, the Savestate racer beat the Ocarina of Time “Masterpiece Demo” that was included with Super Smash Bros. Brawl in less than five minutes. This was also accomplished with Wrong Wrapping, as one of the demos’ pre-loaded save files comes with all the necessary items to pull off the trick.

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