Ocarina of Time Dev Shigeru Miyamoto Hated Fairy Navi

In a recently translated interview, Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto revealed his contempt for Link’s fairy companion Navi from Ocarina of Time.

A recent interview with one of the developers of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time revealed that even those involved in creating the game disliked Navi, Link’s fairy companion. The 1998 title N64 has seen a few iterations over the years, with the most recent official release appearing on the Nintendo Switch as part of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack launch. There is also a PC port made by a fan of Ocarina of time in progress which could be available by April 2022.

Throughout the franchise, Link has been associated with a variety of companions on his travels through Hyrule and beyond. There are recurring characters appearing in multiple installments such as the trusted courier Epona or even the titular Zelda herself as well as unique fan favorites like Midna from Twilight Princess or the king of the red lions of Wind Waker. Then there are the partners that many Zelda fans, and even some series developers, would rather never hear about it again.


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Navi was the first character hero Link was associated with throughout the franchise, however, this little ball of light was not particularly loved by those who created it. Kotaku reported on a recently translated interview with the prolific Zelda developer Shigeru Miyamoto who revealed the Ocarina of time the designer found the fairy companion boring. In the translation, Miyamoto calls Navi’s helper mechanic”the biggest weakness of Ocarina of Time.” The developer went on to say that he wanted to completely remove the system from the game, but that would have made Link’s partner too hostile.

Zelda Ocarina of Time Navi N64

Miyamoto sees Navi as the type of companion who provides players with a refresher on game mechanics after a long period of absence. According to the translation, it seemed like the series creator wanted the fairy to perform a much more ambitious guidance system that offered clues for unique situations. Instead, bits of wisdom were relegated to simple, obvious advice, as Miyamoto felt that creating such a complex help system would have taken as long as Ocarina of timedevelopment of itself.

Since 1998, there have been a number of other Zelda companions competing with Navi for the crown of most boring. skyward sword‘s Fi is arguably the best candidate thanks to her constant intrusions throughout the game. Fi’s constant interruptions were so hated by the community that they had to be reduced for the HD remake of the title. There must be something really special about Navi, however, not only annoying yet The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time players after more than 20 years, but also to attract some disdain from the creator of the entire series.

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Source: Kotaku

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