Ocarina of Time doesn’t care if you miss its finest moment

One of the most memorable moments of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is part of a completely optional questline and is not as necessary to completing the game as players might think. In fact, most players may find it illogical that the game makes this mission optional, as it introduces important recurring characters into the game. Zelda universe and a companion that makes traversing the game’s landscape that much more tolerable. It seems like Ocarina of time don’t think Epona’s quest is a necessary part of the player’s adventure and the introduction of this beloved horse companion is best left to optional discovery.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the first game in the franchise to have 3D graphics, allowing players to walk through an open world, which was revolutionary for its time and placed Ocarina in the video game hall of fame. Released for Nintendo 64 in 1998, Ocarina of timeThe story follows Link through the realm of Hyrule, entering dungeons and restoring the Triforce in order to stop Ganondorf from taking over the world. With Ocarina in hand, players will use the songs learned along the way to clear Ganondorf’s monster-overrun dungeons and help restore the homes of several different inhabitants of Hyrule Kingdom. With this title being considered one of the best games in the franchise by many fans, and being well known for its introduction of Epona, it seems weird to imagine playing the game without her.

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One of the main reasons Epona was born in Ocarina of time is so that players can easily move from place to place, as the game’s three-dimensional construction added a lot of extra distance between areas. With a clear need for transportation and the implementation of a solution for that need, it’s odd that Epona’s rescue is set up as an optional mission. Not only is the ability to obtain Epona left to players to choose from, but the steps to obtain the horse companion seem convoluted. If players choose not to explore Hyrule Field after the first encounter with Zelda, Epona may not be accessible later and audiences will have missed one of the most memorable moments of Ocarina of time.

Saving Epona is one of the best moments in Ocarina of Time

Epona’s quest begins as soon as you awaken Talon, a Ocarina of time NPC that looks like Mario, as this will inspire Malon, his daughter, to return to Lon Lon Ranch. Players must visit the ranch as Young Link and Adult Link to secure Epona. Malon will give the song of young Link Epona and adult Link will have to beat Ingo, Ganon’s underling who is taking over the ranch, in a race. Even after players defeat Ingo, they will be trapped inside the ranch and, with no other way out, will have to speed up to the back wall of the farmhouse and trigger the scene of Link jumping on it on Epona’s back. . This scene is a direct victory against the rise of Ganon, as Ingo is a henchman of the evil wizard, and Epona was to be given to Ganondorf.

Whereas The Legend of Zelda has many notable characters, such as Shiek, who is expected to reappear in END 2, Epona sits near the top as one of the best companions in the entire franchise. While the game’s developers couldn’t predict the popularity of the horse, there are still valid reasons why this questline has become a more permanent part of the story. Players skipping this mission will miss Malon, a recurring character in the Zelda Epona’s straightforwardness and insecurity will make in-game travel, especially through Hyrule Field, much more taxing. With all of this in mind, and considering the incredible moment of the rescue of the silver bay horse, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time seems like it doesn’t care if players miss Epona’s questline.

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