Ocarina Of Time has been inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame

Other inductees include Ms. Pac-Man, Sid Meier’s Civilization and Dance Dance Revolution.

There are many video games that deserve special recognition for transforming the industry into what we know today. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one such game, and now it has been recognized as such by being one of many games that have been inducted into the Strong Musuem’s Video Game Hall of Fame.

Announced on Thursday, Ocarina of Time, Dance Dance Revolution, Sid Meier’s Civilization and Ms. Pac-Man were all inducted for “exerting an influence on the video game industry or on popular culture and society at large.”

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With the magnitude of a game like Ocarina of Time, you might be surprised to learn that it hasn’t been inducted before. The 2022 nominees were announced at the end of March, with Ocarina of Time managing to overcome fierce competition, including titles such as Resident Evil, Candy Crush, Assassin’s Creed, PaRappa the Rapper, Microsoft Minesweeper and Rogue. It was pretty much expected to make the cut, but it’s nice to see the game take its place among the great titles in gaming history.

Ocarina of Time isn’t the only Nintendo title to enter the Video Game Hall of Fame either, as Animal Crossing was one of the games inducted in 2021. In fact, Nintendo has six titles inducted in total, including The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros. and Pokémon Red and Blue. These are pretty big titles and definitely an indicator of Nintendo’s importance in the gaming industry.

In other Zelda news, we may finally be getting Switch ports of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess later this year, according to industry insider Jeff Grubb. Grubb says both games will ship as a package and release in September or October later this year due to Breath of the Wild 2 being delayed to 2023. As with all advice from industry insiders, it’s important not to expect too much. high, although Grubb is one of the most accurate insiders around.

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