Ocarina of Time on PC is coming in February

A PC port of Ocarina of Time, one of Nintendo’s most beloved classics, is about to launch.

Of course, it’s not official Released by Nintendo but launched by a group of modders called The Harbor Masters and Zelda team developers Reverse Engineering.

Zelda’s reverse engineering team announced in November 2021 that they were working to decompile the full Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time ROM to C code. Their work was taken over by The Harbor Masters, who began work on a port.

Lead developer Kenix told Ars Technica that he hopes to launch the game as a repository by February.

The developers also spoke to the outlet about the grueling process of reverse engineering and porting, a report that’s downright fascinating if you’re curious about how a video game is built.

“Moving from C code to a fully functional PC version of Nintendo’s 1998 classic isn’t just about telling a compiler to build for PC,” says ArsTechnica’s editor.

Additionally, modders had to take a lot of steps to ensure that Nintendo didn’t step in to scrap the project.

Since end users, aka Ocarina of Time players, will need to use a tool to extract certain game assets from a separate ROM into another archive, which will not be distributed with the PC port, developer Kenix has stated that “it is our belief that this will prevent a Nintendo DMCA takedown on any .exe.

This seems to be a problem for modders and gamers, but it is necessary to avoid attracting the attention of Nintendo’s copyright protection team.

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Ocarina of Time on PC is coming in February