Ocarina of Time PC Port 90% Complete

A group of dedicated fans are about to complete the PC port of the iconic Nintendo 64 game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Talk to Chronicle of video games, the group, dubbed “Harbour Masters,” said the port is about 90% complete and could be released in mid-February. The port will be fully editable, and Harbor Masters has a roadmap for features like 60fps support.

While Nintendo is known to be one of the most contentious companies, having abandoned many fan projects, Harbor Masters’ Ocarina of time should be safe. This is because the reverse engineering work done by the team is legal; it does not use any leaked content or original copyrighted assets.

Currently the only way to play Ocarina of time on a modern system is through the Nintendo Switch’s premium expansion pack service, which starts at $63.99 CAD/year. This emulated version suffered from a few technical issues at launch, though eagle-eyed fans have noticed over the past week that Nintendo has quietly updated it to improve performance. Otherwise, you would have to find an old Nintendo 3DS to play a remastered version of Ocarina of time.

You can read more about Harbor Masters’ work to bring Ocarina of time on PC here.

Source: Chronicle of video games (VGC)