Ocarina of Time’s Biggoron Sword Trading Quest is Zelda’s best

Ocarina of Time has a difficult quest that gives the player the Biggoron Sword, an appropriate reward for a challenge that takes Link through Hyrule.

A chance to get a second not easy to break sword as an Adult Link in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time shows up when Link meets Biggoron, a giant Goron atop Death Mountain. Biggoron assures Link that his craftsmanship is far better than that of his brother, Medigoron – who will sell Link the giant’s knife, which breaks after moderate use. Link then has a chance to mend a broken Biggoron sword, provided he got it from a master craftsman who is trying to mend the Gerudo Valley Bridge.

Biggoron’s Shattered Sword is acquired during the first half of a Trade Quest, where Link trades various items with citizens of Hyrule like Dwight in the “Garage Sale” episode of Office. This kind of quest is actually quite common in THE Legend of Zelda, although it is generally used in 2D games. These trade quests usually have a fairly lucrative reward, like the Heart Pieces earned in Majora’s Mask, or are even needed to complete the game, like learning the route through the wind fish egg in Link’s Awakening.

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Ocarina of timeThe commercial quest for, however, is the best of all. The Legend of Zelda series, as the Biggoron sword is an insanely good reward, while the quest itself is more engaging and challenging than its counterparts. It can also be completed early on by those who are intimately familiar with Ocarina of time. Acquiring Epona immediately after pulling the Main Sword from its pedestal and purchasing Blue Fire from a shop in Kakariko Village, will allow players to obtain the Biggoron Sword before doing a single adult dungeon.

Ocarina’s Trade Quest reward suits her difficulty

Ocarina of Time Biggoron Sword Quest Reward

Most of the other trade quests in THE Legend of Zelda are not particularly difficult. For example, reach the final boss in Link’s Awakening requires this game’s trade quest, but it can be done piecemeal throughout a game. Many of the items in the Biggoron Sword quest have a time limit, which makes it quite a difficult quest, especially if the player is not sure exactly where they need to go. The quest also requires some preparation, like the aforementioned requirement of Epona, or the subsequent need to ensure King Zora is thawed. Players will also be able to complete the quest more easily if they planted the Magic Beans around Hyrule as Child Link.

Ocarina of timeThe Trade Quest of is also the best because of its reward – an item more powerful than the Main Sword which can be very useful, but not required. The Biggoron sword will deal twice as much damage as the main sword, but requires two hands, which means Link has to sacrifice the protection of his shield. Getting the Biggoron Sword is a great way to add variety to The Legend of Zelda gameplay, and can be used whenever players need to deal a lot of damage quickly. While you don’t have to beat the game, the Biggoron Sword certainly makes it a lot easier.

There is a point in the fight against Ocarina of time‘s Ganon where the Master Sword is pushed back from Link. The fight must be continued for a while without the blade of the evil bane, usually with the hammer Megaton in its place. The Biggoron Sword makes this part of the final battle trivial, although it cannot land the final blow once the Master Sword has been collected. The extra damage perks make obtaining the Biggoron Sword worth the challenge, and the engaging quest itself makes Ocarina of timethe best ever trading sequence The Legend of Zelda series.

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