Helford The Shipwrights Arms pub closed “until further notice” after fire

A West Cornish pub has had to close until further notice after an electrical fire in the early hours of the morning. The Shipwrights Arms, Helford, posted an update on their social media that they would shut down “until further notice”, while they investigate the blaze. The pub owners said: “Unfortunately we have to close […]


Speedrunner finishes Paper Mario in under 27 minutes playing Ocarina of Time instead

When wondering what would be the best way to speedrun the original Paper Mario game, you might think of learning shortcuts, practicing problems, and crafting a perfect route. You’re wrong, of course, you can beat Paper Mario by just playing another Nintendo 64 game instead. In February, speedrunner JCog managed to warp in the credits […]


Ocarina of Time has portals to travel through Hyrule

THE Legend of ZeldaOcarina of time It was released on November 21, 1998. In the space of 23 years, the Nintendo 64 exclusive became the basis of 3D platform games and earned its place in video game history on its own merits. Its gameplay was unique and unique to everyone Players since. Could it be […]


Ocarina of Time is Nintendo’s Skyrim

Among Nintendo’s vast library of games, there are a few flagship franchises that will likely never end. Nintendo can’t seem to stay away from these iconic titles for long, and fans eat them every time. Super Mario 64 is one for sure, and the original Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue are other great examples. Including […]