Speedrunner finishes Paper Mario in under 27 minutes playing Ocarina of Time instead

When wondering what would be the best way to speedrun the original Paper Mario game, you might think of learning shortcuts, practicing problems, and crafting a perfect route. You’re wrong, of course, you can beat Paper Mario by just playing another Nintendo 64 game instead.

In February, speedrunner JCog managed to warp in the credits of Paper Mario using a Japanese 1.0 cartridge from Ocarina of Time. Pointing at 54:22, “this was technically the fastest Paper Mario ever to be beaten by a human using only official Nintendo hardware at the time of download,” as JCog states in its video description. Even more impressive, the participation in the program currently underway Summer games done quickly 2021, JCog managed to cut his time down to 26:12.

So how does Hyrule Ocarina of Time come into play? “At the end of this, we’ll be using a glitch known as ‘SRM’ in Ocarina of Time to put a piece of code on the Expansion Pak,” JCOG explains, “which we’ll then use a glitch with Paper Mario. to execute and in between, we’re going to do a Banjo-Kazooie-style Stop ‘N Swop and change cartridges really quickly. “

The race begins with ten minutes of Ocarina of Time, where JCog activates a number of issues in Kokiri Forest. After intentionally crashing the game, he switches to Paper Mario, progressing to the fight against Goomboss. After the boss battle, another issue in Paper Mario allows him to warp right in the game credits.

This is, of course, a very simplified explanation of how the process works, which is incredibly complicated and in-depth. The commentators on the video do a great job of trying to break it down, just like the previous one from JCog. Pastebin Document for those who are fascinated by the technical side of speedrunning and glitch mining.

Don’t worry though, as you really don’t have to fully understand the details to enjoy the video – just about any Nintendo fan can appreciate how amazing it is!

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