Star Fox Conquest is a fan project that turns Ocarina of Time into a Star Fox game

Popular modder Zel. officially reveals Star Fox Conquest, an Ocarina of Time ROM hack serving as a spiritual successor to Star Fox Adventures.

While the star fox The franchise remains one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises among the developer’s fans, the franchise has fallen somewhat dormant in terms of new games in recent years. The franchise’s last main entry, 2016 Star Fox Zero, has seen a largely mixed reception from fans and critics alike and the team at Fox, Falco, Slippy and the rest are yet to see a new Switch-exclusive game. While the future of the series may be up in the air, a recent fan project is looking to deliver a fresh reimagining of an old favorite.


However Star fox 64 widely saw acclaim as the pinnacle of the franchise, its follow-up in Star Fox Adventures brought the star fox franchise into a whole new genre, reimagining the 3D rail shooter as an adventure game and earning a cult following among fans. Although the game was poorly received upon release, its Zelda– Inspired gameplay made the game stand out from its GameCube predecessors. Now with star fox having not seen a new game in the franchise in over six years, one fan has risen to take the series in a direction familiar with Star Fox Conquest.

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Popular modder Zel. recently unveiled its new project in Star Fox Conquestan ambitious ROM hack of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time which completely changes the game into a spiritual successor to Star Fox Adventures. The trailer features Fox McCloud battling several enemies of Ocarina of time including Deku Scrubs and Tektites while wielding a sword and shield similar to Link. The massive project also includes all-new music and features Fox as he crash-lands on another planet and embarks on a grand new journey.

Fans looking to try out the massive ROM hack won’t have to wait any longer to get started Star Fox Conquest as the trailer ends with a reveal of the fan game’s slated release date for this year. Zel. became a popular name within the Nintendo 64 fan community as they were previously part of a team that worked to create a playable version of Zelda: Ocarina of Timethe iconic Spaceworld 1997 beta, as well as the creation of other Zelda– fan games based on.

While the future of star fox franchise can be uncertain, Nintendo has given fans plenty of opportunities in recent years to explore the franchise’s rich history through re-releases of older games. Nintendo Switch Online’s retro lineup not only includes the original star fox and Star fox 64but also the elusive Star fox 2 which was previously exclusive to SNES Classic consoles. Star Fox Conquest will seek to give fans another opportunity to return to the world of star fox of a new goal as they eagerly await news of Fox McCloud’s next adventures.

Star Fox Conquest will be released later in 2022.

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Source: Nintendo Life