Unreal Engine 4 Fan Remake of Ocarina of Time now supports co-op mode

After all these decades, The Legend of Zelda The series is still one of the biggest franchises in the industry, with many eyeing 1998’s Ocarina of time to be the best entry ever. As a video game that influenced open-world titles, the original installment maintained Link and the titular Zelda among the game’s most memorable characters. As a result, there was a remake of the aforementioned Nintendo 64 version, which now comes with a unique feature.


In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, CryZENx, the modder who managed to recreate Ocarina of time in Unreal Engine 4 showed something not typical for the long-running series. Essentially, this remake now comes with co-op play, meaning more than one player will be able to jump into this reimagining of a Nintendo classic. In the description of the video, the creator says that the co-op mode will go from Kokiri Forest until players defeat Gohma.

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Ocarina of timeKokiri Forest is one of the most well-known locations in this entry, home to the Great Doku Tree as well as Link’s House. Since Queen Gohma is the first boss players have to fight, this suggests that the co-op mode that has been implemented might not be a long segment. Still, the fact that he is at all is quite interesting, especially since the The Legend of Zelda games are generally not known for their multiplayer features, traditionally sticking to a single-player experience.

In general, CryZENx, whose real name is Joseph, obviously put a lot of work into reinventing them. The Ocarina of time The Unreal Engine 4 remake is quite stunning, visually. The original is often considered one of the greatest games, not just of the Nintendo 64 era, or even of the Zelda games in general, but of all time. It has a 99 rating on Metacritic, showing it’s just one step away from being the most perfect video game ever made, topping the site’s list of the best video games of all time. website.

It was also part of an important era in video game development. With many 90s video games using 3D graphics, Ocarina of time sits alongside many other classic titles that helped usher in the next phase of gaming. For that reason alone, it’s no surprise that it’s so beloved and the likes of CryZENx are keen to bring it back into the limelight. using a more modern engine. The UE4 remake can be downloaded from the creator’s Discord server, linked below.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is available on 3DS, Nintendo 64 and Switch.

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Source: DSO Gaming, CryZENx Discord