Why Ocarina Of Time’s Ganondorf Is So Different From BOTW

The Legend of Zelda series has many different versions of Ganon and Ganondorf, but how did the ruler of Ocarina of Time turn into Calamity Ganon?

The villain in The Legend of Zelda series is a being called Ganon, sometimes referred to as Ganondorf, and there are differences in his depiction in Ocarina of time and the most recently published mainline Zelda Game, breath of the wild. Ganon is the villain in most Zelda games, with some titles giving him detailed backstories, and others simply using him as the final boss. Ganon’s nature has changed throughout the series, but his most recent form was by far the strangest. In breath of the wild, Ganon is an eldritch abomination, known as Calamity Ganon, and it is unknown if he has become a mindless beast or if he still retains some of his intelligence. It’s a far cry from his appearance as Ganondorf in Ocarina of timewhich raises the question of why the two entities are so different.


In terms of The Legend of Zelda timeline, Ganon appears chronologically for the first time in Ocarina of time like Ganondorf. The split The Legend of Zelda The timeline means there are different fates for this Ganondorf, with one successfully killing Link, another being trapped in the Twilight Realm, and another escaping imprisonment in the Holy Realm. There are many results for Ganon in The Legend of Zelda games and he’s proven he can cheat death in the past so what turned him into Calamity Ganon in breath of the wild?

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breath of the wild brought together all the divided timelines in The Legend of Zelda series, or rather, it ignores them. All the events of the pre-breath of the wild the games were lost over time. As such, the people of Hyrule only know Calamity Ganon, who is a magical being with power equal to a natural disaster. The form known as Ganondorf was the human reincarnation of Zelda‘s Ganon who appeared periodically throughout Hyrule’s history. It seems that Ganon has finally abandoned the Ganondorf form, as it currently exists in his monstrous Ganon form. The being known as Ganondorf of Ocarina of time perished long ago, but the essence of Ganon lives in Calamity Ganon in breath of the wild.

Legend Of Zelda – Calamity Ganon’s origins vary by region

This is where the explanation gets tricky, because the official English localization of breath of the wild says one thing, and the original Japanese localization says another. In the English version, it is said that Calamity Ganon’s form is the result of Ganon giving up reincarnation and taking on his most primitive form. According Location captionsthe Japanese version of breath of the wild states that the form is the result of his obsession with reincarnation, allowing his will to remain in the world.

It’s possible that Ganondorf will appear in the unnamed sequel. breath of the wild. The game’s first trailer showed Link and Princess Zelda encountering an animated corpse wearing Gerudo jewelry, though some have speculated that it was Astor from Zelda: Age of Calamity – not Ganondorf. There’s a chance there’s an undead Ganondorf as a villain in the sequel. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildbut no one will know for sure until the game is actually released.

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