Why Zelda’s Happy Mask Salesman Remembers the Ocarina of Time Link

There is compelling evidence in Majora’s Mask that suggests the Happy Mask Salesman remembers Link and his adventures from Ocarina of Time.

The Happy Mask Salesman is a mysterious character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask who clearly remembers Link as a child in Ocarina of time. Although everyone in Termina seems unaware of who Link is and the heroism he displayed in Hyrule, the Happy Mask Salesman makes a few remarks that imply he knows all about the hero. The Happy Mask Salesman also displays a few unexpected abilities that make it even more likely that he is the same person from Ocarina of time and knows what happened in Hyrule.

The Happy Mask Salesman first appeared in Ocarina of time as a store owner that Link could visit to begin and end a series of mask swaps. The vendor displayed a bit of reckless anger if players returned to him without the rupees they owed for selling a mask, but he was mostly an insignificant character. In Majora’s Mask, the Happy Mask Salesman is the one looking for the titular object, and he recruits Link to help him retrieve the evil object. He also teaches Link a healing song that allows him to return to his true form and use the Deku Mask as he pleases.


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While conversations with the Happy Mask Salesman are brief in Majora’s Mask, they are also very revealing. The Happy Mask Salesman describes some details about Link’s personality and past adventures. When the vendor first introduces himself, he explains that he is the owner of the Happy Mask Shop, where players can find the character in Ocarina of time. He also mentions that Link must return home at the end of the game, implying that he must return to Hyrule as it does not belong in Termina. There are several conversations and actions that provide evidence that the happy mask seller remembers Link.

Happy Mask Salesman Knows the Bond in Majora’s Mask

Why Zelda's Happy Mask Salesman Remembers The Link From Ocarina of Time Salesman Smiling

One of the many mysteries surrounding the Happy Mask Salesman in Majora’s Mask is his acknowledgment of Link’s personality traits and his past adventures. In several instances, the Happy Mask Salesman mentions Link’s bravery, ability to defeat evil, and general kindness. The way the Happy Mask Salesman speaks to Link and his immediate faith in him suggests a familiarity that goes beyond the time he may have spent watching him when he arrived in Termina. The Happy Mask Salesman states that he had been watching Link for some time, which may indicate the character’s presence in Ocarina of time and his diligence in following the hero’s adventures.

Majora’s Mask shows off some of the Happy Mask Vendor’s abilities

Why Zelda's Happy Mask Salesman Remembers the Ocarina of Time Salesman's Link Playing the Organ

There are many fan theories guessing who the Happy Mask Salesman is in Majora’s Mask really is and what the extent of its power might be. The abilities he displays in Majora’s Mask make it much more believable that he can travel between Hyrule, Termina, and any other parallel worlds. If so, it wouldn’t be surprising if he remembered Link from Ocarina of time. The Happy Mask Salesman has the ability to create objects out of thin air, such as the organ that appears when he teaches Link the Healing Song. As soon as Link is healed, the organ disappears and the Happy Mask Salesman explains that the song traps evil spirits and turns them into masks.

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Having the ability to create masks from evil or troubled spirits shows just how powerful the Happy Mask Salesman is. If each of the masks in the Happy Mask Salesman collection resembles the ones Link uses in Majora’s Mask, then he may have many more abilities that are never shown. He also disappears at the end of the game, further proving his ability to travel between parallel worlds. With his powers established and the ability to have many more from various masks, it’s clear that the happy mask salesman is able to remind Link of Ocarina of time.

Happy Mask Salesman Trusts Link In Majora’s Mask

Why Zelda's Happy Mask Salesman Remembers Ocarina of Time's Link and Salesman

The happy mask salesman makes it clear that Termina is in grave danger as long as Skull Kid has Majora’s mask. He describes the ancient evil infused into the mask and expresses his desperation to recover it before something terrible happens. After explaining the dire situation, the Happy Mask Salesman asks Link to retrieve the mask, which shows that he trusts him. The Happy Mask Salesman believes in Link because he knows what he did to Hyrule.

The happy mask seller cannot be found when Link is an adult in Ocarina of time. However, in 3D Ocarina of Timethe backpack worn by the Happy Mask Salesman Majora’s Mask can be seen behind the Happy Mask Shop counter to show that it is the same character. His lack of Ocarina of time when Link is an adult, it may be because he left to travel to other places like Termina. Even if the seller only knows about the things Link did as a child, he would still understand what he is capable of and can be trusted to get the mask back. The way the Happy Mask Salesman protects Majora’s mask implies that he wouldn’t assign a random child the task of retrieving it.

Majora’s Mask Ending Suggests Happy Mask Salesman Remembers Bond

Why Zelda's Happy Mask Salesman Remembers The Link From Ocarina of Time's Ending Salesman

At the end of the game, the Happy Mask Salesman briefly talks to Link and Skull Kid in Majora’s Mask before disappearing completely from Termina. He retrieves the mask, then addresses Link directly stating that he should go home. The happy mask salesman makes it clear he knows Link doesn’t belong in Termina. After hinting at knowing where Link is from, he turns around and disappears walking away.

The comment the happy mask salesman makes at the end of the game is just one of many instances where he makes a subtle hint that shows he knows who Link really is and what he’s been up to. There is plenty of compelling evidence to suggest that the seller remembers Link from Ocarina of time, and the abilities he displays make it much more believable that he could remind someone from a parallel world. The Happy Mask Salesman is one of the most mysterious characters in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Maskespecially because he’s the only one who seems to know Link from his previous adventures.

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