Zelda fan defeats Ocarina of Time without ever using a sword


A determined fan of the Legend of Zelda takes on the challenge of defeating Ocarina of Time without ever using a sword, which requires several feats.

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the most popular Nintendo games in history and is considered by many to be a legendary title. This means that many fans have taken on weird challenges over the years, and now one fan has beaten. Ocarina of time without ever using a sword – the main weapon of the game.

YouTuber Sam Bliss recently posted a video titled “I Beat Zelda Without Using a Sword” on his channel, and it sees him completing a particularly vivid challenge of Ocarina of time. When he says he beat the game, he means he cleared all the dungeons and acquired all the Spirit Stones and Medallions, which apparently took him just under seven hours. Fortunately, the video has a runtime of only 13:32 minutes.


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Sam Bliss started his run by purchasing the entire supply of staves from the store and using Achievements to gain access to the game’s first dungeon without having to get a sword. While there, he collected Zelda’s Letter and Zelda’s Lullaby, which would grant him access to the second and third dungeons, before returning to Ocarina of timeEmblematic location of Kokiri Forest. As he quickly wandered through the other dungeons the game had to offer, he explained the main issue he was using in this part: ISG, the Infinite Sword Glitch, which allows Link to cross less sticks.

Although some bosses’ attack patterns made it difficult for them to be defeated without a sword, Sam Bliss ultimately succeeded and gathered all the Spirit Stones. However, since the sticks don’t work for adult Link, the YouTuber had to use another glitch to equip them while he found another way to deal damage. He quickly acquired the Megaton hammer, used the bottle to mirror attacks instead of a sword, and used save and reset to cross the Ocarina of time dungeons and collect medallions. Unfortunately, Sam Bliss quickly discovered that only Din’s fire would damage Dark Link without the sword.

Sam Bliss also had a hard time dealing with Twinrova, as he couldn’t use the hammer and the Mirror Shield at the same time. However, after the allotted time, things went smoothly until he met Bongo Bongo at the Shadow Temple. As few of Link’s other weapons could harm Bongo Bongo, Sam Bliss had to find a new staff problem. After all that, beat Ocarina of time‘s Ganon seems to have been relatively easy, despite the YouTuber’s refusal to equip the Master Sword until the very end of the game – then refusing to use it in favor of the Megaton Hammer. With this incredible feat, the video is worth watching for THE Legend of Zelda Fans.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is available on Nintendo 64 and 3DS.

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