Zelda’s Scariest Enemies: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda series is memorable not only for the cast of characters and storylines, but also for its enemies that Link must face through each of his adventures. With the advancements in technology that come with every new title release, these villains have grown more and more terrifying over time. Some were a walk in the park to conquer while others might have scared you, especially if you played them as a young kid. Throughout the franchise, countless scary factors have been included.

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Of course, there were also those enemies that had designs so silly and almost “cute” like in Windwaker, that they weren’t scary to encounter at all. Whatever enemies were the bane of your game, fear would make you want to take them out as quickly as possible, no matter what. Breath of the Wild gave us new enemy classes that were more fierce than scary like Lynels.

ten Great Skulluta


The giant version of this creepy spider is one of the first enemies Child Link encounters inside the Mojo Tree. Much more menacing than its smaller counterpart, Big Skulluta is just as menacing. This particular enemy makes other appearances around Hyrule besides hanging out inside the Great Deku Tree. What makes him that much scarier is how much more pronounced his skull design is in giant form. Smaller versions are easily avoidable and can be defeated by slingshot use in childhood.

While it can behave similarly to the regular Skulluta, it can deal more damage and sometimes be an all-around pain. Menacing in design for sure, this really isn’t a match for Adult Link using the Hookshot or Fairy Bow. If you choose to avoid him completely, just stun him with a Mojo Nut at the right time before he can hit you.


9 Stalchild


You wouldn’t want to stumble upon it at night, especially when it pops up out of nowhere. When Child Link first leaves Kokiri Forrest and enters Hyrule Field, if he is not fast enough, night will fall and Stalchildren will come out of the ground and start following and attacking him. If their creepy red eyes don’t scare you, the randomness of their spawns will.

Interestingly enough, if you stay on the Hyrule Field dirt road or wear the Bunny Hood, they won’t spawn. These undead-like skeletons will continue to attack even if their heads are severed. However, this blinds them, which gives Link an advantage. They make a massive return in Majoras Mask and play an important role in part of the story. Other games they appear in include Four Sword Adventures and Twilight Princess. Another creepy Zelda Wiki fact about them is that their laughter is an accelerated version of Phantom Ganon’s laughter.

8 peahat


Pehat and their offspring Pehat Larvae are no pushovers. They’re littered around Hyrule Field as kids and can be extremely annoying and quite threatening to deal with. Appearing harmless, you see their truly gruesome undersides, literal whirling blades chasing you if you get too close to their territory. Even though Link isn’t directly in their line of sight, they deploy their “children” to come and take care of you who, although much smaller, can also deal damage.

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Meeting the main version can be daunting at first, but right in the middle of those death-threatening blades is her weak point. Most players tend to avoid them rather than confront them head-on. At night, they burrow into the ground and will only send up their larvae rather than fully emerging. Luckily, in Majora’s Mask, only one of these enemies exists in a cave, and when defeated, it rewards you with a piece of heart.

7 Wolves


Nobody wants to meet these guys in a dark alley. Wolfos and White Wolfos were probably designed with werewolves in mind. Their screeches and creepy eyes leave players a little spooked, but they’re really child’s play once you get over their haunting appearance. Wolfos can also appear out of nowhere, literally emerging from the ground in front of you. Child Link first encounters the man guarding the entrance to the Sacred Meadow.

They seem to mostly prefer forest environments such as The Forrest Temple, but also appear in Spirit Temple, Gerudo Training Grounds, and Ganon’s Castle. Wolves are one of the smartest enemies in the game, defending themselves against Links’ attacks quite easily but also being able to be taken down fairly quickly.

6 Poe


Nintendo certainly loved including lots of undead enemies as well as spirits, especially in Ocarina of Time. The Poes primarily resided in Kakariko’s graveyard, but their design made them much more than just a regular ghost. Fast forward to the Adult section of Ocarina of Time and Big Poes are now scouring Hyrule Field to bring you Rupees and possibly the final hidden bottle for handing in ten. They first appear to be some sort of helpful, guiding spirit carrying a lantern as if to light your way, but soon become menacing and hurl flames at you. The only useful Poe is the Spirit Gude in the Haunted Wasteland which leads you to the Spirit Temple.

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The Poes also play a huge role in the Forrest Tempe with the famous four Poe Sisters (Amy, Beth, Meg, and Joelle) stealing all the flames and preventing you from accessing the boss. Their design is a little less scary compared to the average Poe encounter, with each having a unique design element. However, all the concealment in the paintings was very disturbing, making you feel like you were being watched. You wonder why Nintendo had to add the spooky factor to a temple that had little to do with the undead.

5 dead hand


From truly gruesome regular enemies to terrifying mini-bosses, Deadhand tops the list. This bizarre creature appears both in the Bottom of the Well and in the Temple of Shadow and if you don’t anticipate its appearance, you are going to be shocked. When you first enter his chambers, you see a bunch of weird disembodied hands sticking out of the ground. If one of them catches you, then it appears to be coming to take a bite out of Link.

Its main body is truly grotesque, covered in what appear to be multiple bloodstains. Don’t forget the empty eye sockets and a big jaw full of teeth too. Dead Hand is the most fearsome zombie-like creature to reside in Ocarina of Time. In Master Quest, there’s even more of him to face. The only way to defeat him is to let his hands capture you, then quickly escape and attack him before he buries himself underground.

4 Moblin


Moblins have been a staple enemy encounter since The Legend of Zelda debuted. In Ocarina of Time, they got an upgrade, patrolling the sacred meadow in the forest as adult Link tries to get to the temple in the forest. The game has you sneaking here, otherwise these guys will jump on you, hitting Link first in the nearest puddle.

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Equipped with armor, these pig-like creatures don’t mess with their speed, but can be easily taken out with a well-timed Clawshot from behind. A much more menacing Moblin awaits you at the entrance to Temple Forrest, the Moblin Club. It’s not his massive size that will make you want to outrun him quickly, but his punches that are even deadlier. In Ocarina of Time 3D, a scene has been added showing Club Moblin taunting Link when you first meet him. Talk about annoying.

3 Stalfos


From Stalchildren to Stalfos, lots of skeleton enemies to face in this specific entry, Stalfos is 100% the scarier of the two considering he’s more of a fearsome warrior ready to attack and defend against Child and Adult Link. It almost doesn’t seem fair to pit a small, helpless child against this giant, weird skeleton in Spirit Temple.

Their origins are also extremely terrifying – according to Fado the Kokiri Girl, those who get lost will turn into Stalfos. Stalfos also appears to laugh menacingly at Link whenever they attack or hurt him. They can also appear out of nowhere, getting the jump on Link. There’s a way to jump on them instead – just spam Deku Nuts and take them down one by one. Interestingly enough, they also appear as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U.

2 master of the walls


If there’s one enemy that will really make you shiver and make you check your surroundings carefully, it’s the Wallmaster. This disembodied hand casts a shadow over Link before lifting him from the ceiling and dragging him up and towards the start of the dungeon. If the shadow it emits doesn’t make you want to get out of there, the noise it makes just before it appears will.

Luckily, Navi alerts you whenever someone is lurking in the room, so it’s best to take it out quickly, giving you time to solve the puzzle you’re trying to complete. Only one appears in the room. Even its non-teleporter cousin, Floormaster is equally creepy. Attacking him will simply spawn him into three mini hands that can jump on Link and choke him. Floormasters can also be invisible, adding another element of surprise. Wallmaster is another enemy that appears in strange locations such as Forrest Temple, Spirit Temple, and Gerudo Training Grounds.

1 ReDead/Gibdo


Ocarina of Time is definitely not a horror game but coming across many ReDeads and Gibdos, you would think it is. These two will stun you with their gaze before sucking the life out of you by literally attaching themselves to Link. Gibdos would be the tougher of the two, but both can be taken down by fire. To avoid them both, just play the Song of the Sun and sneak around. Curiously, in Majora’s Mask, we have a bit of humor with these guys because some masks allow us to talk to them or even make them dance.

If you remove the bandages from a Gibdo, it becomes a ReDead, and ReDeads are significantly more terrifying in design compared to mummy-like Gibdos. If the devs wanted us to have nightmares about these guys, they certainly succeeded.

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