Zelda’s Worst Dungeons (Not Ocarina Of Time’s Water Temple)


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeThe Water Temple is infamous for being one of the toughest dungeons players have to beat in the Zelda series. However, it is far from the only one Zelda dungeon that left players frustrated, angry and disappointed. With dungeons being a central part of game design throughout the series, it’s no surprise that some are better than others, and some Zelda dungeons are just objectively bad.

While Zelda’s dungeons mainly serve as the primary way for the franchise to allow the player to put their skills to the test and take on challenges with the power they have acquired, some Zelda dungeons take the fun out of the game and leave players cringe. Whether it’s cumbersome controls or punitive consequences, some dungeons seem to be designed to work entirely against the player. Some dungeons can even affect the overall story or pace of the game, turning what should be an epic quest into a grueling encounter.

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A large number of Zelda’s dungeons absolutely nail down the aspects of the design they use, incorporating Zelda game mechanics with interesting and unique features that add to the player experience. However, its bad dungeons are the ones that seem repetitive, boring, or frustrating in a way that often escapes the hands of the player, and these are some of the absolute worst.

The Temple of the Great Bay of Majora’s Mask is one of Zelda’s worst dungeons

Ocarina of time The direct sequel reused many of the strengths of the first game, but it also made similar mistakes with implementing its own water-based dungeon. The temple of the Grande Baie in Majora’s Mask is just as frustrating as Ocarina Water Temple, if not more as it forces players to take on the role of Zora Link in order to navigate its rooms and water currents.

Water currents in this Zelda dungeon are extremely strong, and it’s easy to send Link through a tunnel that will mistakenly lead him to an entirely different part of the dungeon, which then requires going back through much of his confusing layout. Controlling Zora Link is also difficult, and with the large amount of technical tasks that Link has to complete in this dungeon to progress, it becomes a chore for players to struggle with the controls to do whatever they want. By combining this with Majora’s Mask The time limit makes this dungeon quick to cause stress.

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The reward for completing the first half of the Great Bay Temple is Ice Spiers, which allow Link to freeze the water in the temple to create platforms. However, these platforms are small, slippery, and quickly disappear, which immediately turns this temple’s biggest reward into another source of frustration. The temple is also not redeemed by its enemies, as the two mini-bosses are tedious to fight, forcing players to shoot or shoot a ton of bouncing jelly balls and punish the player for not having enough. . All this combines to make the temple of the Grande Baie one of the Zeldathe worst dungeons.

Link to the Past’s Ice Palace is a horrific Zelda dungeon

Why Link's Hair Is Pink In Zelda: A Link To The Past

The Ice Palace at A link to the past is yet another temple that players probably shudder to remember. As the name suggests, this dungeon is covered in ice, leaving most of its floors slippery enough to make Link’s control extremely difficult. The layout of this dungeon is not intuitive, and while it is not the most confusing dungeon layout of the Zelda franchise, this is made more difficult by Link falling between floors and often having to back up.

While this Zelda Dungeon requires players to be patient and move slowly to counter Link’s loss of movement control, there’s nothing particularly interesting inside that justifies spending a lot of time there. Enemies and puzzles don’t offer anything exciting, and don’t interact much with the mechanics of the frozen ground, resulting in a difficulty increase that is more frustrating and tedious than engaging and challenging. Compared to other dungeons in A link to the past, the Ice Palace doesn’t offer much to make the gameplay fun.

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While players are rewarded for their efforts with Link’s blue armor, this precious loot is the temple’s only redemptive quality. The boss of the dungeon, Kholdstare, is also extremely lackluster. With only two phases and no interesting mechanics for players to discover, this fight feels like another mundane battle against an enemy from the overworld than the final fight in one of the game’s important dungeons.

OoT’s Jabu Jabu belly is worse than Zelda’s water temple

Being the first 3D Zelda game, as well as one of the first 3D games ever made, it’s understandable that all Ocarina of time the dungeons are well designed. The game features a number of amazing dungeons with fun mechanics and amazing atmosphere, but Lord Jabu Jabu’s belly is definitely not one of them. While the dastardly aesthetic is enough to turn some players’ stomachs, it’s not the only thing about this dungeon that makes it one of the worst in the game.

Link must escort Princess Zora, Ruto, out of Jabu Jabu’s womb, making it one of the first dungeons in the game that actively prevent Link from exploring at leisure. It’s difficult to navigate the many enemies and tight spaces of the dungeon without having to keep an eye on Ruto, who will complain if Link leaves her and forces him to retrieve her. Electric enemies also slog progress, as hitting them will not only deal damage but also freeze Link for several seconds, adding to the incredibly slow pace of this dungeon.

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The Big Octo boss at the end of this dungeon fits perfectly with the rest of the dungeon design, forcing Link to come closer to spin around in circles as the huge Octorock chases after him. His movement speed is as fast as Link, and the spikes sticking out of the central boss room platform leave very little room for error. It’s nearly impossible for players to get their bearings until they take a fair amount of damage, and the combat itself isn’t much fun, even after players figure out how to beat this tough and powerful fight. Zelda boss – which arguably makes it even worse than the Water Temple.

Temple of the Ocean King could be Zelda’s worst dungeon

Ghost hourglass from the legend of Zelda

Of all the frustrating, repetitive, and ill-conceived dungeons in the Zelda series, it’s possible that the Temple of the Ocean King of Ghost hourglass on the Nintendo DS is the worst. This is one of the only dungeons bad enough to discourage players from completing the game, forcing players to come back again and again to solve boring puzzles and face a small variety of enemies as they progress slightly more. far into the dungeon each time.

Players must return to the Temple of the Ocean King at least four times to beat Ghost hourglass, and with the puzzles reset after each run, it’s hard to feel that all the effort is worth it. Not only that, but the first round is strictly timed, and making the slightest mistake can send players back to the start to start all over again. The temple itself isn’t much fun, and by the fourth time around it becomes a central pillar of dread in the game.

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Knowing that they will only have to return to the Temple of the Ocean King over and over again after each new area and dungeon they explore, players can actively discourage themselves from wanting to progress through the game knowing that the temple is always ahead. them. This recurring dungeon has the potential to completely drain the fun of progressing through the game, especially for players who didn’t enjoy it on their first visits and can’t wait to return. Yes Ghost hourglass gets a remaster, maybe this Zelda dungeon can be simplified more.

Twilight’s Twilight Princess Palace is one of Zelda’s worst

Twilight Princess’ In the penultimate dungeon, players face off against the game’s antagonist, Zant, in the Twilight Realm, making it one of the most momentous moments in the game’s history. With so much going on in it. ‘came before, the dungeon itself becomes a massive disappointment, barely meeting the player’s expectations for this mysterious world he has heard so much about during an entire game. While the temple itself is aesthetically well designed and incredibly atmospheric , the pace of this dungeon is almost unbelievably slow. The majority of enemies are some of the most obnoxious mobs in the outside world, and the main dungeon mechanic involves Link slowly drifting across levitating platforms and playing with Zant’s Wallmaster hands.

This Twilight Princess Dungeon turns Link into a wolf every time he falls into a dark fog, turning one of the game’s most important mechanics into punishment as he has to manually transform into a human over and over again to keep progressing. With this dungeon standing as the penultimate before the final fight against Ganondorf, it is inexcusable that the Twilight Palace is so drab, making it far worse than the Water Temple of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

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